What can YOU do in one minute?

In one minute, you can heat a cold cup of coffee, pop a small bag of popcorn (one of those mini-bags), take a bathroom break during commercials, watch a really bad YouTube video (I know, redundant), have just enough time to brush the cat before she bites you, or, see a play.

This Sunday and Monday is the Chicago One Minute Play Festival. Fifty Chicago playwrights have written 100 one-minute plays that will make you cry, laugh, wince, sigh, and follow the ups and downs of a story in sixty seconds. And you’ll do this 100 times. This festival has already sold out audiences in New York, San Francisco, and LA, and now our “Windy” playrights are going to show us the art of brevity.

Tickets are $15 for the two hour performance at Victory Gardens Theater.






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