Why We've Been So “Taste”-less

For nearly seven months we’ve been posting daily recommendations for things to do in Chicago. Each weekday we highlight events and specials in our podcast, Taste of TLT, and Jim Goodrich & I even posted when we were driving Route 66! Now this week we’ve missed two days in a row. What is up with THAT?

Well, apparently The Local Tourist has been getting too much traffic. We’ve steadily been getting more and more visitors, but the last month has seen a significant jump. How significant? Our Alexa ranking for the last three months is 92,851, and for the last seven days is 73,286! That means that out of the millions of sites out there we’re ranked in the top 75,000.

That’s a good thing. That’s a great thing. Unfortunately it’s been causing our server to crash. Over and over and over. That means that we couldn’t post anything in the last couple of days (and it’s been driving me insane). Because we really do want more people to visit our site and to come back often (we really, really do) we’re making a major upgrade so that we’ll be able to handle it all and more. We’re hoping to get it all moved over tonight and will take care of it in the wee hours so you don’t miss a thing. 

Because we really do want to have Taste!






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