Wild About Wildberry Pancakes & Cafe

First of all I want to say that the above picture does not do that food justice. Now that that’s out of the way I can tell you that those four dishes were for two people and they were all amazing (the dishes, not the people, although they’re pretty amazing too, if I do say so myself).

Cara and I went to Wildberry Pancakes & Cafe for breakfast this morning, my first time, her third or fourth. The restaurant has two suburban locations, one in Libertyville and one in Schaumburg, that are popular weekend brunch spots. Now they’ve opened a spot in downtown Chicago and oh, aren’t we lucky.

They’re only open until 2:30pm and you can get breakfast or lunch whenever you’d like. We both opted for breakfast, and we both had omelettes. Since I was invited to dine by their PR company I thought maybe I should get a different syle of entree, but they had a loaded baked potato omelette that was calling my name. Half of it is in my refrigerator now, and it is still calling my name. It was the biggest, fluffiest omelette I have ever seen, filled with potatoes, applewood smoked bacon, sour cream, green onions, and topped with glorious melted cheddar cheese. Cara had an omelette with figs – figs! – with creamy havarti and it had just a touch of sweetness to it. Our server Will told us the eggs are so fluffy because they put them in a blender!

Our pancakes had more than a touch of sweetness. They were desserts sanctioned as breakfast foods. With your eggs you can choose toast or pancakes. Since the place has pancake in the name, we kinda had to get those. Then Will let us know that for a dollar more we could get any of their specialty pancakes. SOLD!

She had the special pumpkin spice. With the melting butter and the maple syrup it was like a pumpkin pie pancake. I chose the WB “Berry Bliss” Pancakes. Yes, bliss is correct. They were topped with berries (of course) and creme fraiche and were just decadent. They also have tiramisu and Oreo S’mores pancakes, but those are left for another day.

Pretty much everything on their menu sounds great, like the creamy nutella crepes, the red velvet french toast, the Tuscan chicken panini and the prime rib french dip. Their juice is fresh squeezed, they’ve got several varieties of lemonade, and if you ask for a to go cup for your (awesome) coffee when you leave they’ll top it off.

You could say I’m impressed. And you could say I’ll be back.

Wildberry’s Chicago location is at 130 E Randolph in the Prudential Tower. 312-938-9777







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