Wine in Chicago

Wine in Chicago is a series that covers the best places and people for wine. This includes Chicago wine tastings, restaurants with great wine lists, top sommeliers and experts, and the best wine stores in Chicago.

Wine in Chicago is a series that covers the best places and people for wine in Chicago. (We try to keep things simple around here.) Award-winning author and humorist Bull Garlington highlights wine tastings, restaurants with great lists, and the best wine stores in Chicago. His "Wine and Song" series showcases a great song paired with a great wine, picked by a great sommelier. If you like wine, whether you're an expert with an advanced palate, someone who wants to learn, or a person who simply knows what they like, this column will help you find fantastic places to indulge. You'll also laugh so hard you'll spit wine out your nose. (This is a good thing.)

Hannah Grossman


“Dreams” | Fleetwood Mac | Rumours

Daniel Kroes

You expect a private champagne pairing dinner at

Wine and song is an occasional series on Wine in Chicago featuring a local sommelier challenged to pair a great song with a great wine.

You may have overlooked Steadfast.

Seth Wilson

Booth One's Seth Wilson pairs Nina Simone with a 2016 Syrah, and it has him "Feeling Good."

Amy Lutchen

Sommelier Amy Lutchen is challenged to pair great songs with great wines, and she breaks out all the stops.

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse. It’s a cold October evening, one of the first really cool nights of the year.

Lucio Matricardi

I’m standing in the doorway of the stunning private room at the Fig & Olive in the Gold Coast.

The wine cellar at Benny’s Chop House is immediately behind the bar. It's tall and narrow. Just wide enough for two people to pass each other if they’re really close friends.

Too Legit to Spit

Wine industry database superstar SevenFifty launched their industry-only tasting event, Too Legit to Spit, at Morgan Manufacturing Monday night.