Wine Tasting with a Twist

If you walk by Park Grill tomorrow don’t be surprised to see a few hundred people falling all over each other. It’s not because they’ve brought back the martini lunch and this group’s gotten a little carried away. What they’re really doing is playing a Twister-like game, complete with colored circles and somebody spinning a wheel telling them what to place where.


That’s not to say they’re a bunch of tee-totallers. This event is promoting Seven Daughters Winemaker’s Blend, which you can get at the restaurant. The official Twister game isn’t affiliated with the event, but the wine’s logo is 7 colored circles so they made up their own, very similar, version. They’re expecting about a thousand people total to play the game between 11am and 3pm, and just in case you’re a little too stiff they’ll have complimentary wine tastings. Now that may be worth falling for.






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