You can't get much more consistent than this

The Branded is a new rock band in Chicago. Their first official show is this Saturday at the Elbo Room so they invited me into their rehearsal space to interview them. They performed their entire set, complete with video accompaniment (it’s awesome and hilarious), with singer Brian Bender playing it up to the webcam since I was supposedly recording it. Supposedly. But see, this was my first time trying this and I’d lowered the audio input levels before they started and apparently turned the recording off, so these poor guys had to play for me AGAIN. (I swear I didn’t do it on purpose!) After a few minutes to rest they played Dirt, which was once again awesome, except this time I didn’t play with the audio levels because I was afraid I’d mess it up…which means the final product sounded like a blown out speaker in a rusted out Lemans. 

What did I do? Took the song from their CD and lined it up with the video. With 99.9999% of bands you couldn’t do that, but one thing I’d noticed during their set was that they had their music timed PERFECTLY with their video. It’s so precise that they’ve got to have every song, every lyric, riff, and beat synchronized exactly. So while it’s unfortunate that I’m an idgit, the end result is that you can see and hear how exact they are. Coming from a classical music background myself I know this is just about impossible to accomplish, even with a conductor in the front showing you the tempo. To see a rock band pull this off, especially one that looks like they’re just having fun in somebody’s basement, is a testament to the hours and hours of rehearsal time that’s gone into this release and to the dedication they all share.

Bravo guys. Can’t wait to see you do it again this Saturday!






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