You're My Gyro

I’m a sucker for gyros. Anytime I see that spit of lamb turning behind the counter I forget all other options on the menu. Imagine my glee when I walked into Covo Gyro Market: they’ve got a whole wall of meat that’s hand packed and turning and basting, just waiting for me to put it in a pita.

You can choose from beef and lamb, pork, or chicken. Want to try more than one? Get a couple of mini-pitas and fill it with your choice. Then top it with tomatoes, red onions, capers, carrot and cabbage slaw, bell peppers, olives, peppercinis, pita crumbles, and/or feta cheese. Sauces include the traditional tzaziki, and the house is a spicy blend of roasted garlic and hot pepper aioli.

Then there are the sides. The Greek fries are tossed with tons o’ garlic, lemon, and feta cheese, but you can get just plain fries if you’d like (but why would you want to do a thing like that?). There’s also a selection of chilled salads that Chef Riley Huddleston changes daily based on what local produce is available. If they’ve got the Mediterranean grain salad, get it! Vegetarian or vegan? They have options for you, too. This is Wicker Park, so you can also get Greek wine or beer with your gyro.

The interior is simple but warm and the free wifi is a bonus. Prices are reasonable, at $7 for a full-size gyro and $3.50 for a mini, especially considering their minis aren’t exactly small.

Whether you’re a sucker for gyros or not, I recommend checking out Covo Gyro Market and I bet you’ll become a sucker for them.

The Local Tourist was invited to check out Covo Gyro Market.

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